Cooking Will Break Your Heart PDF

$ 15.00

A Korean American Midwestern Texan cookbook and memoir about food, family, memory, love, joy, and grief, written by Greg Pak. Featuring recipes for miyukguk, kalguksu, kalbi, poached eggs, Tex-Mex-Korean chili, mushroom sauce over rice, fried chicken, Jane Pak's fish stew, and much, much more.

In addition to incredibly practical advice and recipes, Cooking Will Break Your Heart is packed with stories and poems and photos about Greg Pak's personal connection to every meal. It's the most Korean-American-Texan, biracial-grandson-of-children-of-the-Depression-and-the-Korean-diaspora, coming-of-age, facing-mortality, Gen-X-grappling-with-bereavement-and-joy, practical-everyday-cooking cookbook you'll ever read. And it's dedicated to the memory of Pak's beloved mother, Jane Pak, and grandmothers, Wechun Pak and Grace Riechers.

The digital book will be delivered as a PDF.