Canon A-1 35mm film camera with a Canon nFD 50mm f1.8 lens - READ!

$ 30.00

A Canon A-1 35mm film camera, often considered the top of the the line of Canon's classic A series FD cameras, with a Canon nFD 50mm f1.8 lens. This one has multiple issues, so I'm selling it for a ridiculously low price - about a fifth of what these cameras sometimes sell for!

The camera is in fair cosmetic condition with a little normal wear, but the edge of the ASA dial has been dented, making it very hard to change the ASA. The ASA is currently set to 400, but according to my measurements, the camera is actually metering for 800 at that setting. To to shoot with 400 ASA film, I'd set the exposure compensation to "1/2." If I were shooting 200 ASA film, I'd set it to "1/4." To shoot lower speed film, you could try changing the ASA dial from 400, but at least once I dislodged it from the camera body when attempting that and had to reset it.

The light meter appears to be working and the camera seems to be delivering correct shutter speeds and apertures when the ASA is adjusted as noted above. But each number in the LED readout is missing one bar. See the photo of the viewfinder in the listing -- those numbers are "30"and "3.5." The missing LED bars do not seem to affect exposure or function at all - just the display. The focusing screen also has some marring, as you can see in that photo.

The lens is in rough cosmetic shape with some damage to the filter ring. When subjected to the flashlight test, you can see lots of haze, dust, and probably fungus -- see photos below. I've had good luck with getting great images from lenses with haze and dust, but I strongly suspect the haze, dust, and fungus will decrease contrast and possibly sharpness in images. The lens has not been film tested, but its aperture and focus rings seem to be operating correctly.

Finally, the metal post at the bottom of the battery chamber has lost its springy action, so it does not push back up against the battery. I've used a bit of tinfoil in the battery chamber to keep the battery pressed against the terminals.

The mirror bumper and some of the film seals have been recently replaced and I haven't seen any light leaks. I haven't tested the camera with a flash.

The camera was film tested two years ago and delivered great pictures, but that was before the ASA dial came off, and I don't remember the meter then being one stop off the way it is today. That being said, I've just checked the size of the aperture at different film speeds and I think it's working/exposing correctly with the adjusted ASA. But I can't guarantee it.

The lens has not been film tested, but its aperture seems to be working properly.

So, yes, plenty of issues! But it's just thirty bucks, and 

NOTE: The Canon nFD 50mm f1.8 lens included with this camera is not listed on the Camerapedia page for radioactive vintage lenses manufactured with thorium or other rare earths, but I have seen one photographer list it as testing slightly above normal background radiation levels. I ran my own tests with a dosimeter and sometimes found the lens averaging very slightly above background radiation when measuring in 60 minute blocks, although my latest tests looking at averages over 10 minute blocks show the lens about equal to normal background radiation. My best guess at this time is that my earlier tests were just detecting normal fluctuations in background radiation and the lens is thorium-free, but I am not a scientist and, as noted below in the disclaimer and return policy, I can't guarantee this lens or any lens is non-radioactive.

Disclaimer and Return Policy

Some vintage camera lenses were manufactured with thorium, which makes them slightly radioactive. Unless otherwise noted in the item description, to the best of our knowledge, the lenses sold through this store were not made with thorium. But since manufacturers have not released comprehensive lists of lenses with thorium, we cannot guarantee any lenses are thorium free. Customers should educate themselves and make their own decisions before purchasing. 

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