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A 154 page digital book of practical Kickstarter tips covering every step in the crowdfunding process, from determining if Kickstarter is right for you, developing a project that makes sense for you at this stage in your career, and tackling all of the jobs from pre-planning, building your campaign page, launching and running the campaign, tacking the huge challenges of fulfillment and shipping, and even considering how to make the most of your project after the Kickstarter ends.

Every chapter is packed with practical examples and stories drawn from the campaigns of author Greg Pak, the writer of the record-breaking Kickstarter publishing projects Code Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself. The book also features interviews with incredible Kickstarter creators like Amy Chu, Hope Nicholson, Jimmy Palmiotti, C. Spike Trotman, and Drew Westphal who shed more light on specific topics like launching very early-career campaigns, handling special challenges of shipping from Canada, and distributing Kickstarter books long after the main campaign ends.

The digital book will be delivered as a PDF.

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